UFO Description: An oblong, variously illuminated UFO moved slowing among clouds while the witness videotaped it with a Sony camcorder.

Witness(es): Karen and Richard Brown (pseudonyms).

Time and Date: March 20, 2007 at about 11 AM PDT.

Duration: About 5 minutes of intermittent sighting of the UFO with 9.63 seconds of videotape at the very end of the sighting.

Place: From a car moving at highway speeds along Modoc Road near Medford, Oregon.

Weather: Thick nimbo-cumulus clouds with light rain earlier and then some clearing during the UFO sighting.

Case Report:  Modoc Road UFO in the Clouds Case Report (long download).  Investigated by Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director, Oregon MUFON.


Brief Narrative

Karen, and her husband Richard, were driving south along State Highway 62 north of Medford, Oregon, around 11 AM on March 20, 2007, when a bright, "shiny dot" caught her eye. The shiny object became dark and then shiny alternately so that sometimes she would lose it as they drove along. They then turned west onto Highway 234 and then south onto Modoc Road getting closer to Medford. She finally saw the object long enough to begin videotaping it from the car. At this point, they for certain realized the object was odd and was probably literally a UFO (unidentified flying object). However, they could not find a good place to stop to get better video of the object.

Karen ended up with 9.63 seconds of UFO video from which the following frame is taken. Many of the frames are somewhat unclear from severe shaking and vibration from the car moving along and from the extreme 40X zoom she was using.

Still Frame from the UFO Video

Modoc Road UFO shot by Karen Brown near Medford, Oregon. The UFO moved very little in the clouds to the ESE of her position on Modoc Road. The UFO was probably three to six miles away and was probably around 20 to 40 feet in length. The UFO varied its brightness level along its length in fractions of a second as shown by the videotape.

For the full story on this fascinating UFO sighting with videotape evidence, be sure to download and read thoroughly our Oregon MUFON Case Study report.

Image From Karen's Video