UFO Description: Witness Charlotte King viewed a formation of 15-17 maneuvering, orb-like, bright white, small UFOs on a blue sky day while on break from work. She also took a few photos.

Witness(es): Charlotte King and one other person.

Time and Date: September 28, 2010, from 2:47 to 3:00 PM.

Duration: About 13 minutes total.

Place: In south central Salem, Oregon.

Weather: Partly cloudy sky, visibility 10 miles; wind: 3.5 mph out of the north; temperature 81º F.

Case Report: Salem Maneuvering, Orb-Like UFOs (long download). Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director.


Brief Narrative

Charlotte King was taking her break sitting in her car in the parking lot adjacent to her work building when she first spotted a circling eagle catching a thermal. Soon thereafter, a bright object off to the south caught her eye. It was a small, bright white, orb-like object that within seconds was joined by a second, third, fourth, etc., similar object till there were around 15 to 17 objects, she estimated.

She thought of some kind of balloons, but quickly discarded that notion when the objects began to move in formations, some creating an equilateral triangle, others an elongated triangle, others a circle, etc. They would be still for a bit and then continue these elaborate movements. This coordinated movement seemed intelligently guided to her and too complex to be accounted for by some kind of bunch of tethered balloons. She continued to watch this maneuvering for around five to ten minutes.

Then a manager in her building walked by and she asked him to look. At first he said he didn't see anything, but when he came closer, he said that he did, indeed, see them and that they didn't look like planes, birds, or balloons to him.

Charlotte then thought of her camera and managed to take two photos. One close up photo shows the object pictured below when blown up. The other photo taken from a wider angle may show the same object, but far smaller in size.

Oregon MUFON thanks Charlotte King for contributing materially to our investigation of her case. Learn why the photographed orb-like UFO is not a balloon by downloading the case study.

Blowup of Charlotte's Orb-like, Balloon-like UFO