UFO Description: One witness videotapes in "NightShot" mode a white, fuzzy, ball-like object moving along fast under some high altitude clouds.

Witness(es): Keith Rowell, Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director.

Time and Date: August 20, 2010, about 5:30 PM.

Duration: Eight seconds of UFO video.

Place: West Linn, Oregon.

Weather: Mostly cloudy with clouds at 25,000 feet; visibility ten miles; wind out of NNW at 8.1 mph at surface; temperature 72º F.

Case Report: West Linn "NightShot" Video UFO Case Report (long download). Witnessed and investigated by Keith Rowell.


Brief Narrative

On August 20, 2010, around 5:30 PM, as I (Keith Rowell) was checking out my older camcorders to do some UFO skywatching, I succeeded in catching eight seconds of a curious white, fuzzy, ball-like object moving fast under some high clouds.

The camcorder I was checking out is a Sony TRV-65 model, and it has a “Nightshot” mode, which you can easily switch back and forth from regular to NightShot mode. This mode records in the near infrared spectrum. I had recently read some new information about UFO photography in J. Chisholm’s Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter, and he had a section about near infrared, night photography for video shooting of UFOs. The TRV-65 can also do NightShot video in the daytime, which is how I was using it when I caught the UFO.

I was on my back deck and I intended to videotape the backyard trees, roofline, and sky with the Sony in regular and NightShot mode. While doing this with various levels of zooming in and out and turning the camcorder back and forth from regular to NightShot mode, I was greatly surprised to see a white blob come into the frame from the left while I was zoomed in to maximum extent. It was so startling that I naturally started following the object as it sped along in the sky under some high clouds. I managed to keep it in the frame the whole time it was visible till it moved along into a bank of dense white clouds.  This ended up lasting only eight seconds. That was it! What was it?! Download and read my detailed report to see what you think.

Path of UFO


Full Frame of UFO