Oregon MUFON has filled out the schedule for the 2018 McMenamins/Oregon MUFON Paranormal Pub events. Be sure to explore the speakers' websites to find out more about what is ahead. Paranormal Pubs are presented on the last Sunday of each month and doors open at 6 PM.  The programs start at 7 PM and go to 9 PM. Check out the McMenamins website for the Mission Theater Paranormal Pub events or search on Facebook for "McMenamins Paranormal Pub" in the upcoming months for more information. 

January 28.  Esteban DeCorazon and Tom Hatsis on entheogens history and experiences. Portland Psychedelic Society. Many people believe that mind-altering substances, when used responsibly in the right set and setting, can produce profound life changes by connecting us with the divine. Is this for you? Come find out.

February 25. Rocky Smith on Oregon ghost stories. Oregon Ghost Conference. Popular ghost hunter Rocky Smith makes a return visit to the Paranormal Pub to share more real ghost stories from Oregon. Rocky is well-known for hosting the annual Oregon Ghost Conference. Oregon MUFON goes every year these days.  It is well worth it.

March 25.  Loren Christensen on the police and their paranormal experiences. Loren's website. Loren is a retired Portland police officer and life-long professional in security services both in the military and in civilian life.  It makes sense security people might experience paranormal activity since they are up when you are asleep and they are trained to observers. Things do go bump in the night!

April 29. Dave King and Stacy Calvert on electronic voice phenomenaWashington State Ghost Society. Dave and Stacy specialize in the ghost-related field of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). You've seen this on the cable channel ghost shows.  Now come hear some locally investigated EVP.

May 27. Neil McNeill on evidence for soul survival. Paranormal Studies Institute. A past Paranormal Pub speaker, Neil brings a wealth of knowledge about the parapsychology field, especially the under-appreciated parapsychology studies of the past. I've asked him to give us a primer on the evidence for "soul" survival. Yes, it does appear to be a fact that at least some important aspects of our personalities do live on after the brain dies.

June 24. Ankhasha Amenti doing psychic readings. Ankhasha's website. Ankhasha is a Windbridge Certified Research Medium. (Look it up!) When she did some readings for us last year, I thought she was pretty darned accurate. Quite amazing! I'm happy to say she's back with us again.

July 29.  Kimberly Clark Sharp on NDE research and experiences. About Kimberly. Kimberly is one of the leading lights in near death experience education and research. I am very pleased she has agreed to speak at a Paranormal Pub event. 

August 26. To Be Announced.

September 30.  Dave Markowitz on dealing with your feelings and experiences if you are an empathic/intuitive (psychic) personality. Dave's website. Dave is an empath/intuitive himself and seeks to help other people adjust to and maximize this gift. It seems that especially young children with psychic abilities suffer when they have no one close who understands these gifts and can, therefore, offer genuine caring help.

October 28. Sondra and Gary Kaminski on their Oregon UFO Encounter Group. Oregon UFO Encounters Group. Sondra is a UFO abductee/experiencer with long experience dealing with the phenomenon in her own life. She and Gary seek to help people who believe they might have the alien presence in their backgrounds. They run an on-going support group.

November 25. To be announced: paranormal-themed movie.

December. No program.

Mark your calendars and come get a taste of what some of your fellow human beings are experiencing, thinking about, and studying.  And enjoy a McMenamins beverage and pizza to boot.  What could be better!?

Oregon MUFON strives to find knowledgeable speakers on topics that should be addressed and studied by our academic establishment but are too often not. We believe that it is vital that the academic establishment study long-term and systematically the entire range of paranormal topics, so that we can all begin to appreciate all of human experience. When important societal institutions choose to ignore important parts of the entire range of human experience and the world around us, we all suffer.

Today, the science of near death experience, for example, is beginning to change our ideas about what human beings, human consciousness, and the reality around us may actually consist of.  UFOs also seem to change long held ideas about reality, too, when they are studied in depth and that is how Oregon MUFON came to sponsor McMenamins Paranormal Pubs.

Join us at a Paranormal Pub event coming your way soon!

McMenamins Paranormal Pubs are a collaboration between McMenamins and Oregon MUFON.

UFO researcher Jefferson Kincaid is once again holding his Portland July 4, 1947, UFO Sightings Celebration. This year it's at the same place as the last few years: the Green Dragon Brew Pub and Bistro at 928 SE 9th Ave. in Portland. The Celebration will be held July 4, 2016, from 12 to 3 PM.

Come hear about Jefferson's latest UFO research into the very beginnings of public information about UFOs. In the last eight years, he has worked diligently at the Oregon Historical Society to ferret out mostly newspaper UFO articles during the massive summer of 1947 wave of UFO sightings.  Jefferson has uncovered articles from many small town Oregon newspapers along with some Washington papers.  

In the past few years, Jefferson has spent time in Chicago at various special university library collections such as the J. Allen Hynek collection at Northwestern University, from which Hynek retired as a Professor in Astronomy. This past year, he has even researched in libraries in London and Paris!  The 1947 UFO wave started on the west coast of the U.S. and ended up after a few weeks in Europe.

In the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, Hynek was the official U.S. Air Force consultant to Projects Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book, which studied the UFO problem.  After finishing with Project Blue Book and after it closed thanks to the bogus conclusion of the official AF Condon Committee report, Hynek, who by that time  knew that UFOs constituted a genuine mystery, founded the Center for UFO Studies, which continues today to do research into the nature of UFOs.

Come help Oregon MUFON celebrate the beginning of UFOs with Jefferson Kincaid at his event.  We guarantee you will learn new and surprising facts about UFOs from the very beginning of the era of widespread public knowledge of the phenomenon.


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