We have put all our downloadable files on one page for your convenience. Each file has a brief description so you can see if you want to take the time to download it.


  • Case Report: SE Portland Squiggly UFO with Abduction?. Two people see a UFO. Witness MW takes photos afterwards. The last photo is timestamped two hours after the second to last photo. Does this indicate an abduction?
  • Case Report: Milwaukie Amoeba UFOs. Note that these UFOs have now been identified! One person in his backyard video-recorded from his backyard in blue sky daylight on two separate dates ten months apart two separate UFOs that looked and behaved very similarly. They were both small, somewhat transforming, mostly whitish, oddly-shaped objects. They both showed a pinkish area: one more prominent than the other. One of the UFOs showed two ragged "arms" that divided up into two parts at the tip at different points in the video. The witness first saw the UFOs and then began video-recording them as they moved along slowly in the sky.
  • Case Report: Milwaukie Colorful Transforming UFO. One person in his backyard video-recorded a small, colorful, constantly transforming UFO with large configuration transformations going from a basic ovoid reddish/orangish shape to a multiple-lobed shape with "connectors." The reddish/orangish shape seemed to "flare up" with internal lighting occasionally.
  • Case Report: Milwaukie Green Snake UFO. One person in his backyard video-recorded a small, elongated, green, snake-like UFO with strange moving "light nodes" in blue sky daylight.
  • Case Report: Milwaukie "Sprouting Potato" UFO. One person in his backyard video-recorded a small, compact, vigorously transforming UFO with odd protuberances and occasional, internally generated, white light "flare ups" on the protuberances in blue sky daylight.
  • Case Report: Milwaukie Pink, White, and Blue Cluster UFO. One witness the UFO and video-recorded 13 minutes of the pastel pink, white, and blue orbs cluster UFO as it moved along in the sky, going at one point just below a passing cloud.  This enabled us to calculate a size for the UFO.  It was about 1.5 feet across.
  • Case Report: Millennium Park Plaza UFOs. One witness saw and photographed two separate dark, globular-shaped UFOs. Within a few minutes, both drift off from east to west on an overcast day over Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Minutes after the UFOs passed by, two F-15 National Guard jets flew by in the same general airspace.
  • Case Report: Eastbank Esplanade Cigar-Shaped UFO. A classic cigar-shaped, dark UFO was seen by two witnesses in downtown Portland, Oregon, right along the Willamette River.  Video and photos were taken.
  • Case Report: Highway 26 Structured Craft UFO. A low-level, very large "box-shaped" UFO was seen right beside Highway 26 just north of Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • Case Report: Sublimity Close Encounter.  At night in a small town in Oregon's Willamette Valley, three witnesses (some together, some individually) saw different aspects of a complex set of UFO events involving a strange, glowing, basketball-shaped UFO moving slowly down the middle of their street. Earlier one witness saw a more conventional flying saucer perhaps a mile away against some hills.
  • Case Report: Medford Monkey Balloon UFO. Two witnesses saw a slow-moving, balloon-like UFO in the sky. One photo was taken and then the camera apparently malfunctioned. The witness's brother across town was called and also tried to photograph the UFO but failed.
  • Case Report: SW River Road Spiky Red UFO. A low-level, kite- or balloon-like, red UFO moved fairly swiftly along past the witness traveling in his truck.  He stopped and managed to get a lot of telephoto photos of it moving away.
  • Case Report: Bruce Road Video Only UFO. A witness video'd a light plane making passes over a field practicing dropping food and supply bundles. Afterward, while viewing the video, the videographer noticed something "UFO-like" passing near the plane. Examination of the video also revealed another possible distant UFO "interested" in the practice sessions of the light plane. This is an example (not an infrequent occurrence) of a UFO photographed or video'd that on later examination is truly anomalous.
  • Case Report: St. Helens Quick Close Encounter. While photographing and video'ing airplanes off his back deck in St. Helens, Oregon, a witness saw and video'd some strange objects, one of which swooped in for an apparent closer look at the witness.
  • Case Report: Raleigh Hills Maneuvering UFO. A low-level, shape-changing UFO was seen at night in a high traffic area in a Portland area suburb.
  • Case Report: Salem Maneuvering Orb-like UFOs. A Salem, Oregon, witness, during a break at work, saw and photographed multiple, white, orb-like UFOs in the daytime sky.
  • Case Report: West Linn NightShot Video UFO. An infrared video, white "blob" UFO was caught accidentally on tape.
  • Case Report: West Linn Cruising Triangle Close Encounter. A speeding, low-level UFO with lots of detail was seen.
  • Case Report: I-5 Flying Triangle. A triangular, low-level UFO was seen by multiple witnesses from a busy freeway.
  • Case Report:  Gresham UFO Lights Display. A multiple witness, long-lasting UFO was seen at low-level at night.
  • Case Report: Oregon City Multi-Colored, Pulsating UFO. A multiple witness UFO was seen through binoculars at night.
  • Case Report: The Lebanon Fiery UFO. A low-level, "fireball" UFO was seen by two witnesses in rural Oregon.
  • Case Report: The Empire Docks Close Encounter. A detailed, probable abduction case.
  • Case Report: The Salem Low-Flying Triangle UFO. A multiple witness, multiple sighting place, low-level UFO was seen over a major city at night.
  • Case Report: The Dalles Circulating Lights UFO. A single witness, photo case.
  • Case Report: The Southwest Portland Speeding UFO. A multiple witness, bright orange UFO was seen over a major city at sunset.
  • Case Report: The West Linn Golden Spheres Display. A multiple witness, multiple UFOs display was seen over a Portland metro area town.
  • Case Report The Modoc Road UFO in the Clouds. A dark, oblong UFO was seen and video'd hanging around in some clouds near Medford, Oregon.
  • Case Report: Appaloosa Way UFO. A red, white, and blue cluster of "glowing" roundish UFOs was seen and video'd in daytime blue sky.
  • Case Report:  Lake Grove Spherical UFOs. Two witnesses saw some luminous, mostly spherical, blue, orange, and pink UFOs in daytime blue sky—one witness with nine power binoculars—over a Portland metro suburb.

Talks and Presentations


  • Your State Director, Tom Bowden, was profiled recently in the Gresham Outlook's special publication 2007 Portrait: Amazing but true tales.
  • Your Assistant State Director, Keith Rowell, was profiled in the Oregonian in 2007.


  • We decided to develop an Oregon MUFON brochure for handing out at the various functions we attend from time to time. It includes brief descriptions of a few of our more interesting cases along with some Q and A about UFOs in general.
  • The Oregon MUFON Investigator's Guide describes what it takes to be a competent Oregon MUFON field investigator. Do you have the "right stuff"? Download the guide and find out.