A history of UFOs in Oregon has yet to be written, but in the meantime you can refer to a Keynote presentation that your Oregon State Director and Assistant State Director gave in Coos Bay, Oregon, in 2007. This presentation gives you the basics with some classic cases in Oregon's early history along with some more recent ones.

  • The 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting in nearby south central Washingtion. 
  • The 1950 Trent family UFO photographs in McMinnville, Oregon. 
  • The 1959 Redmond, Oregon, FAA/military jets UFO chase. 
  • The 1981 Columbia River UFO audio tape case. 
  • The 1989 Fort Rock, Oregon, cattle mutilations cases. 
  • The nearby 1990 Vancouver, Washington, Cattle Mutilations case. 
  • The 1996 Lake Grove, Oregon, Multiple UFOs case. 
  • And others. 

Download the It Started With a Bang: Oregon UFO History presentation in PDF format.