Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 09 March 2014

The OM website has updated software now and a slightly different look from before. (The website was hacked in December 2012 and we had to reconstruct it.)

We decided to add a few new images of Oregon UFOs since we needed to design a new logo. All of the UFOs shown below are considered genuinely anomalous objects and you can find the OM case reports about these UFOs on this site.

From top left to bottom right in order, the case reports are the following:

As you can see, only two are "classic" craft-like UFOs. The others are "balloon mimic" type UFOs, though the green snake and sprouting potato cases are definitely not "balloon mimic" UFOs except in a portion of their characteristics (they "float along" in the sky like balloons, sort of). The UFOs shown here span about a decade. During that time, digital photography "grew up" from poor, low resolution cameras to the quite high, "photographic quality" and then some of today's (2013) consumer cameras. Thus, the resolution and overall details are much higher for the Green Snake UFO and "Sprouting Potato" UFO than for the Eastbank Esplanade Cigar UFO and Appaloosa Way UFO.

Recent Genuine Oregon UFOs

In the Literature

In the UFO literature, classic flying saucers and craft-like UFOs are a small majority of reports (around 53%) according to Richard Hall's The UFO Evidence, Volume II. The other 47% are ellipses/ovals, balls, hemispheres, cones/spindles, "light sources," and "others." Almost all of the photos and videos of UFOs that are craft-like in Oregon (that have been reported to Oregon MUFON) are of indistinct lights at night, and are, thus, poor visual representations of genuine UFOs. So, we don't highlight those here.

In fact, most of the time the detailed, craft-like UFO reports we get are unaccompanied by any photographic evidence. Why is this? UFO researchers and investigators have come to accept that this is probably because the intelligence behind the phenomenon does not want good, clear photographic evidence. Crazy, right?! Well, maybe not so crazy because witnesses with access to photographic equipment at the time of a good, close sighting have said words to the following effect:

The Mimic Part

As for the mimic part of the phenomenon, the literature does occasionally include stories in which funny airplane-like objects are seen along with "ordinary" UFOs. And the odd-looking "black helicopter" phenomenon—along with ordinary, human-made military-style, dark-colored helicopters, too—has been reliably described in connection with the cattle mutilation phenomenon and in stories that some abductees tell. So, the theme of the phenomenon mimicking human technology is definitely in the UFO literature. Ufologists today believe there are probably three things to keep track of around the UFO phenomenon:

It's a jungle out there. Nothing is quite what it seems in the world of UFOs. That's why it is still a societal mystery after 65 plus years. Only people who study it closely know something of what is actually happening.