Oregon MUFON is pleased to present David Sielaff's "A Christian's View of UFOs" for our June 2015 meeting. David is a longtime friend and supporter of Oregon MUFON.  I have been after him for a while now to make a formal presentation to our group on his views about UFOs from a Christian perspective.  And he has finally found the time for us. Thanks, David!

David is the director of a small Bible outreach and educational organization (Associates for Scriptural Knowledge -- ASK) that is based on the work of Dr. Ernest L. Martin, a prolific Bible scholar and historian. Check out ASK at http://www.askelm.com/index.asp.

David himself is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in history and political science and of the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA, from which he holds a Masters of Arts in Theology. Through his directorship at ASK, David continues to pursue Dr. Martin's archeological interests surrounding King David's temple in modern day Jerusalem and Israel along with Dr. Martin's historical work in Christian theology.

David has had a longstanding interest in UFOs and things paranormal, having attended meetings and conferences on those topics off and on over his career. Please come hear a different view of the meaning and import of UFOs from a Christian perspective. Oregon MUFON's view of the UFO is that at this early stage in our knowledge about UFOs all important perspectives including religious perspectives should be heard.

If you are a believing member of some faith-based group whether, for example, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, "New Age," or other group., and you have made a special study of the UFO literature, we want to hear your considered opinions at Oregon MUFON.  As you know, MUFON's mission is the scientific (and scholarly) study of UFOs, but Oregon MUFON believes that all seriously considered perspectives need to be brought to bear on the most important problem of our times: What are the implications of UFO phenomena for humankind?