Our May 29, 2016, Paranormal Pub event at Portland's McMenamins Mission Theater features Sharon McGrath speaking on the topic of OOBEs (out of the body experiences). Sharon has documented many of her own OOBE experiences and teaches others to voluntarily have and control them just as she does.  She believes OOBEs are one of the keys to a deeper and greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. She lectures and teaches in the Portland metro area.

OOBEs happen to people spontaneously at times but can also be voluntarily induced through special training. The experience includes the distinct feeling that you as a thinking being are completely separated from your physical body and in another realm of existence.  You usually find yourself in an initially Earth-like, familiar environment, but this can change spontaneously or via willpower.  Come hear Sharon and learn about the ins and outs of these surprisingly common paranormal experiences (perhaps 10% or more of people have had at least one in their lifetimes) and learn how you might have one for yourself.

Paranormal Pub presentations are a collaboration between Oregon MUFON and McMenamins.  Paranormal experiences and events are studied by a small minority of academics and lay scholars, but are ignored (and sometimes denigrated) by establishment academics.  We at Oregon MUFON believe that it is imperative that paranormal topics and events be examined and discussed by our society in an open and honest way so that the entire world of human experience can eventually inform our collective decisions about what we all should do to responsibly take care of our world and ourselves.  Your Assistant State Director has come to believe through long study that UFOs are part of the world of paranormal phenomena and should be studied as a matter of normal academic interest and should not be relegated to the brave academics and lay scholars who do the work that establishment academia should have been doing all along. But thank heavens for these brave academics and lay scholars!

Drop by our table in the back of the theater and chat with us before or after Sharon's presentation.