Did you experience sky flashes in West Linn recently?

You can help Oregon MUFON out. Did you experience anything similar to the UFO witness's story below on January, 7, 2010, at 11:30 PM in West Linn, Oregon? If so, please email us.

Here is the West Linn witness's email to Oregon MUFON:

[In West Linn, Oregon,] around 11:30 pm last night while my daughter and I were taking our dogs on a walk at the Marylhurst Heights park [near Valley View Dr. and Suncrest Dr.], we experienced 3-4 quick pulsating flashes straight over us coming from above the clouds. They were so bright that the entire park and surrounding neighborhood was lit up. There were no audible sounds . . . and it didn't seem to affect the dogs at all.