Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 26 January 2013

Keith Rowell, Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director, gave a presentation about UFO disinformation to the July 2009 meeting of Oregon MUFON. In this overview presentation, he stressed that the U.S. intelligence establishment has enormous resources at its disposal and a portion of this is directed at keeping the UFO subject secret from the American people and others around the world. He gave a quick chronology of UFO disinformation schemes in the past 60 years in America and concentrated on a few such as the Maury Island incident, the AF fake offers of "real" alien landing and meeting film, and the Paul Bennewitz disinformation campaign. The conclusion: the U.S. intelligence establishment has created and carried out lots of UFO disinformation campaigns since the beginning in 1947. Download the presentation (long download).