Doug Helbling, chief investigator and organizer of the Strange Events Institute, and Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director of Oregon MUFON, have teamed up to sponsor a new UFO discussion group based in Beaverton on the westside of the Portland, Oregon, metro area.


This new group is meant to bring together people sincerely interested in the UFO topic who would like to participate in a respectful information sharing environment. Participants will likely range from casually interested first timers to people with almost 40 years of experience in the UFO research and investigation field.

Not for Debunkers and Extreme Skeptics

Please note that this group is not for UFO debunkers or extreme skeptics . There are other places for you if you want to talk about UFOs. Try the Oregonians for Rationality people. They will be happy to have you. However, if you are a true, open-minded skeptic who can be respectful of other opinions, then you are welcome. Unfortunately, it is necessary to talk about debunkers and extreme skeptics because they can be disruptive when your aim is open, honest, respectful sharing of information.

The Genuine UFO Is a Reality

SEI and Oregon MUFON think there is plenty of evidence amounting to proof that there definitely is a genuine mystery surrounding the best of the UFO evidence so far gathered and evaluated after 60 years. We strongly suspect a human-like (but non-human) intelligence is associated with the genuine UFO phenomenon. A first guess as to the origin of this intelligence is the known physical universe outside Planet Earth. However, another good guess might be the "transpersonal world." Scholars and scientists concerned with UFO study know that genuine UFOs exist but there is lots more to learn.

Some Simple Guidelines

To help accomplish our goals for this group, we will be following some simple guidelines:

  • The free discussion periods will be moderated with a five minute limit per person with a five minute follow up unless a majority of participants would like more time. Then we move on. This will ensure that everyone who wants to talk will get a chance.
  • There is no requirement for an attendee to be a member of either of the sponsoring organizations.
  • Participants may choose to share their personal stories, their knowledge of sightings and related research, or whatever is of interest to the attendees. The participants will drive the content of the discussions. Some may choose to make brief presentations based on their own research or experiences. We may occasionally show short videos or share relevant web content.
  • There will be no restrictions placed on the subject matter except that it needs to be at least marginally related to UFOs and paranormal phenomena. (This includes a lot of stuff, however!)
  • Individuals are free to take notes during these discussions, but the sessions will not be audio- or video-recorded.
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, so you can “brown bag it” for yourself or bring snacks to share if you want to. Volunteers are welcome for that little bit of effort needed to help set up tables and chairs and to clean up the room afterwards.

Schedule and Location

These SEI/Oregon MUFON meetings are held at the Beaverton (Oregon) City Library . For days and times, see the Oregon MUFON meeting page. The Beaverton City Library is just a block away from southbound TriMet lines 76 and 78, both of which are just a few minutes away from the MAX line Beaverton Transit Center. The returning northbound bus stop is right next to the library. Folks with a modest bit of pedestrian stamina can also easily walk from the Beaverton Transit Center to the library in 15 to 20 minutes. Hope to see you there!