UFO Description: Two sisters see a maneuvering, star-like object come closer and closer in the night sky.  But their descriptions vary when the object comes very close.

Witness(es): Cathy Jennings (pseudonym) and Jane Williams (pseudonym), sisters.

Time and Date: October 15, 2007. Around 11 PM PST. (Date and time are approximate.)

Duration: Indeterminate.  At least 30 minutes or so.

Place: Empire Docks area of Coos Bay, Oregon.

Weather: Partly cloudy to clear in and around the approximate time of 11 PM.

Case Report: Empire Docks Close Encounter Case Report (long download).  Investigated by Devlin Rugne, Chief Investigation, Oregon MUFON.


Brief Narrative

Two sisters decided to go late at night to the Empire Docks area of Coos Bay, a city on the southern coast of Oregon.  They were there to do some late night crabbing with some crab pots off the dock.  Soon they were parked and inside their pickup truck talking and relaxing when Jane spotted a distant, moving "star."  She called Cathy's attention to the object. They both watched it for a minute or so while it maneuvered around some and came closer and closer.

At this point, their narratives differ.  Cathy describes the object as continuing to come closer and closer till its angular size is quite large in the sky.  She clearly saw the object as a classic flying saucer with roundish shape and a ring of flashing lights around its middle.

Jane, however, does not describe any observation of a classic flying saucer.  Her narrative seems to be missing this portion of what is the whole story.

Cathy's story includes the hovering, very close object, but does not include a landing or anything else in this portion of her narrative.

The narratives of both women then match up again and they saw the object once again as a star-like, maneuvering object flashing colors.  It then shot up and away in the night sky.

See Cathy's drawing below and all the details in our case report by Oregon MUFON field investigator Devlin Rugne.

Cathy's drawing of her close encounter UFO