UFO Description: Classic flying saucer-like UFO with a blue glow and red and green lights maneuvered over a public park and telepathically communicated with the witnesses.

Witness(es): Mark Gorman and wife Sharon (pseudonyms).

Time and Date: About 10 PM PDT, February 17, 1977.

Duration: About 30 minutes total.

Place: In George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Weather: Clear and cool about 40º F with no appreciable wind or rain.

Case Report: George Rogers Park Close Encounter Case Report (long download).  Investigated by Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director, Oregon MUFON.


Brief Narrative

Mark Gorman and his girlfriend (later his wife) were standing on Old River Road Bridge looking out over Oswego Creek and the Williamette River when they both noticed a “satellite.”  However, the “satellite” soon became bigger and moved closer to them while following the river.  The object, clearly identifiable as something anomalous, moved to within about 700 feet of them, still over the river.

The object then moved over the park and hovered near the old iron smelter, a prominent feature of the park.  Mark stood in front of Sharon about 15 feet and had telepathic “conversations” with the object.  He mentally refused to “take a ride on the saucer” whereupon the object moved away and “melted” into thin air back out over the river.

UFO Position with Mark and Sharon


What UFO Looked Like on Night of February 17, 1977 (Mark's drawing)