Thanks to the help of an Internet reader and the Oregon MUFON State Director and others in addition to my own test demonstrations, I now believe that we have a plausible ID for this UFO case study. The UFO evidence leads to the probable conclusion that the two UFOs in this case study are two separate light-weight plastic bags at very high altitudes of around 3000 to 5000 feet. Air currents, perhaps summer thermal air currents in one of the UFOs, were fortuitous enough to carry these plastic bags high into the air and over Don Andersberg’s Milwaukie home. He is well aware of balloons traveling at high and low altitudes over his home, but these are the first instances of plastic bags that we know of. Ironically, after this case study was published, he video-recorded a low altitude plastic bag for the first time. It was clearly identifiable as a Subway plastic sandwich bag. See the Updated Milwaukie Amoeba UFOs case report for the full particulars.

UFO Description: One person in his backyard video-recorded from his backyard in blue sky daylight on two separate dates ten months apart two separate UFOs that looked and behaved very similarly. They were both small, somewhat transforming, mostly whitish, oddly-shaped objects. They both showed a pinkish area: one more prominent than the other. One of the UFOs showed two ragged "arms" that divided up into two parts at the tip at different points in the video. The witness first saw the UFOs and then began video-recording them as they moved along slowly in the sky.

Witness: Don Andersberg (pseudonym).

Date and Time: Amoeba UFO #1: August 10, 2012, at 1:38 to 1:40 PM. Amoeba UFO #2: April 15, 2013, at 2:00 to 2:03 PM.

Duration: Amoeba UFO #1: Two minutes and 4 seconds total of video plus probably about 10 seconds before video started. Amoeba UFO #2: Three minutes and 37 seconds total of video plus probably about 10 seconds before video started.

Place: Milwaukie, Oregon.

Weather: Amoeba UFO #1: Temperature 75º F; winds variable at 4.6 mph; partly cloudy; visibility 10 miles. Amoeba UFO #2: Temperature 54º F; winds were WNW at 11.5 mph; mostly cloudy; visibility 10 miles.

Case Report: Updated Milwaukie Amoeba UFOs. Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director, and Don Andersberg, UFO witness and video-recorder.

Brief Narrative

This is another case from Don Andersberg (pseudonym), who keeps producing videos of interesting things that shouldn't be in our skies according to conventional thinking. Yet here it is for your perusal. I've named this the "Amoeba" UFOs case because especially Amoeba UFO #1 reminds me a little of the classic microscopic protozoan.

I've decided to bring together two separate cases from about ten months apart because the appearance of the two UFOs is similar. They have behaviors, colors, and surface textures more or less in common and their complexity of structure and the detail available made this an attractive couple of cases to highlight together.

Don has video-recorded a number of white orbs, for example, or even white orbs with flashing behavior with "tails."  But until now I just treated his better UFOs separately.  

Don has certainly video-recorded more compellingly unusual UFOs in Milwaukie's skies (see his other Milwaukie UFOs documented on, but I think you'll find these two UFOs as fascinating as I did.  As with so many of Don's UFOs so far, these are reminiscent of some kind of exotic balloons, but see what you think as you read through the case study.

Four Still Frames of Amoeba UFO #1



Four Still Photographs of Amoeba UFO #2



Safeway Plastic Bag Test Shots