Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 27 May 2017

 UFO Description: The very bright whitish UFO about half the angular size of the Moon appeared in the late evening in the SE sky. The UFO had an odd, very active scintillating aspect as if there was lots of activity inside the more or less circular appearance of it. The photos reveal more of why this UFO looked oddly active.

Witness: MW and friend.

Date and Time: July 27, 2015, at 8:50 PM to about 10:50 PM(?).

Duration: About five minutes for both witnesses. Immediately afterwards six minutes for MW to take photos with one last photo two hours later.

Place: SE Portland, Oregon.

Weather: The temperature in Portland on 7/27/15 at 8:50 PM was 70º with winds out of the north at 8.1 mph. It was partly cloudy trending to clear.

Case Report: The Squiggly UFO with Abduction(?). Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director, and MW, UFO witness and photographer.

Brief Narrative

In the late evening, MW and her friend arrived home in SE Portland after grocery shopping and saw a UFO in the clear SE sky. MW had a feeling that a UFO would be there and it was. She wanted to show her friend the UFO. Both saw it. The friend looked at it for a bit, they talked about it, and then they entered their house to put away their groceries.  MW, with her DSLR in hand, came back out to photograph the UFO. She did so and took 39 photos. But the last one was about two hours later than the previous 38. Why?

As everyone who pays attention now knows at this late date, sometimes apparent bodily abductions take place during the time of a UFO sighting. The curious gap of around two hours between the penultimate photo and the last photo taken (as revealed by the EXIF data stored with all JPG photos) is prima facie evidence that an abduction may have taken place.

At this time, MW's memories of the ensuing portion of the evening after she took the photos is very indistinct. She doesn't remember the rest of the evening, which should have consisted of her returning to her house, thinking about the UFO some more, and then settling down for the rest of the evening and preparing for bed and sleep. Perhaps someday MW may look into this possible "missing time" episode, but right now she has a busy and full enough life to live.

Photo Analyses

Oregon MUFON's photo analyses lead us to hypothesize that the "UFO" in this case was a very small, possibly spherical source of light that zoomed or darted around in a small portion of the sky all the while changing colors in a very short duration fashion. This is what formed the "squiggly" patterns evident in the photos but not to the naked eye. To the naked eye, the UFO just looked like it was sparkling or scintillating.

The ten photos (all at the same magnification) show the essentially random pattern that the spherical object made as it zoomed around.

See the full report in the Downloads page.

Photo 1395 Showing "Squiggly" Path and Color Changes



First Ten Photos