Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 28 January 2013

UFO Description: One person in his backyard video-recorded a small, colorful, constantly transforming UFO with large configuration transformations going from a basic ovoid reddish/orangish shape to a multiple-lobed shape with "connectors." The reddish/orangish shape seemed to "flare up" with internal lighting occasionally.

Witness: Don Andersberg (pseudonym).

Date and Time: November 1, 2011, at 5:24 to 5:26 PM.

Duration: About 15 seconds of visual observation immediately followed by 2 minutes and 37 seconds of video.

Place: Milwaukie, Oregon.

Weather: Clear day; calm conditions; visibility 10 miles; about 46º F.

Case Report: Milwaukie Colorful, Transforming UFO. Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director.


Brief Narrative

Here is yet another Don Andersberg (pseudonym) UFO video case for you. This one is from a year ago. Sorry about the delay. Things sometimes get hectic in the life of a MUFON UFO investigator, and you just find yourself falling behind. There are loads and loads of good UFO cases out there. People, of course, simply don't talk about their sightings that much, so unless you are a serious UFO investigator you don't know this. Most cases that we have investigated in Oregon from individuals are not the first UFO sightings they've ever had it seems, but they are, many times, the first sighting they have ever reported.

A Colorful, Constantly Transforming UFO

This case rises to clear and convincing evidence, I believe. See what you think. It is sort of like a cluster of balloons, but it really isn't on close inspection. This UFO seems to have two phases that it goes through: (1) a compact, reddish/orangish ovoid shaped phase that seems to occasionally "flare up" with internal lighting and (2) a more complicated multiple-lobed configuration phase with whitish "connectors" linking the lobes.  See the case report for details.

Colors are red, orange, dark blue, darkish gray to black, and white. The lobe/shape counts go from a maximum of about six to a minimum of one. The lobe shapes are rounded and angular. The "connectors" are whitish like the "strings/cords" hanging down on some configurations. The problem is that what would be a string/cord if this UFO were a cluster of balloons also stands up straight out of the top of the UFO in some of its reddish/orangish ovoid shape. Normal cords/strings don't do that.

The nine images from single frames of Don's video below give you a feeling for the great variety of basic configurations that this UFO goes through in a couple of minutes.

Learn all about this one by reading the whole report. As always, be sure to download the full case study and read it thoroughly before committing to judgment about just what this thing might have been.

Nine Images from Frames of Don's Video