Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 28 January 2013

UFO Description: One person in his backyard video-records a small, pink, blue, and white orbs cluster-type UFO in blue sky daylight.

Witness: Don Andersberg (pseudonym).

Date and Time: July 23, 2012, at 4:20 to 4:33 PM.

Duration: About 15 seconds of visual observation immediately followed by 13 minutes and 12 seconds of video.

Place: Milwaukie, Oregon.

Weather: Partly cloudy clear day; winds 15 mph from the NW; visibility 10 miles; about 71.1º F.

Case Report: Milwaukie Pink, White, and Blue Orbs Cluster UFO. Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director.

Brief Narrative

The witness, Don, has a "hobby" of looking for UFOs that he can video-record from his backyard. He's been quite successful over the last few years. We will be featuring more of his UFOs in the coming months.

He spends on average probably an hour to two hours a day relaxing in his backyard looking and waiting for UFOs to come by. Your investigator, too, has spent a little time off and on with Don just hanging out and looking for UFOs.  We've had some success, but mostly we come up empty-handed when we're together. He's more successful by himself.

Lately he's been using a Nikon Coolpix P510, which he picked because it has a zoom lens equivalent to about a 20 power telescope. The UFOs that he spots visually first are exceedingly small—Don has keen eyes—then he immediately tries to capture images of the UFOs as he zooms in from wide angle to extreme telephoto. (He has turned off digital zoom at my request so that I can better analyze the UFOs.)

Fortunate Occurrence Leads to Size Calculation

We were fortunate with this UFO because it happened to travel right at the base of a passing cloud so we could get a fix on a probable height above the ground. This enabled us to calculate a reasonable size of around 1.5 feet across for this particular pastel-colored pink, white, and blue orbs cluster UFO.

This is yet another "balloon mimic" UFO as are most of Don's so far. I have encouraged Don to video-record (and photograph) any kind of aerial phenomena he sees moving overhead in his vigils. He's come through with birds, balloons of various sizes and types, insects, tree cotton, planes, etc. This helps us tell the UFOs from, especially, the occasional cluster of balloons.

As always, be sure to download the full case study and read it thoroughly before committing to judgment about just what this thing might have been.

Four Images From Don's Video