UFO Description: A woman and her boyfriend sighted a bright, multi-colored UFO that flashed/pulsated as it stayed stationary in the sky and then disappeared fast as if moving away.  They used ten power binoculars for a good part of the time.  It came back 20 minutes later and did about the same thing.

Witness(es): Jamie Carson (pseudonym) and her boyfriend.

Time and Date: October 29, 2009, about 2:40 AM.

Duration: First sighting about 15 minutes; second sighting about 10 minutes.

Place: Oregon City, Oregon.

Weather: Clear sky, visibility 10 miles; wind calm; temperature 45 degrees F.

Case Report: Oregon City Multi-Colored, Pulsating UFO (long download). Investigated by Keith Rowell.


Brief Narrative

Jamie Carson's boyfriend was in the backyard late at night letting the dog out for the last time when he saw a bright, pulsating light in the southeastern part of the sky.  He called for Jamie saying he was seeing a UFO. She was skeptical, but came anyway. They both watched the pulsating light for a few minutes and then thought of his binoculars in the garage in his truck. Jamie ran to get them.

They passed the binoculars back and forth watching the mostly stationary, pulsating UFO.  In the ten power binoculars, they saw a multi-colored object with vertical lights flashing/pulsating rapidly about 5 to 10 times a second. After about ten minutes of viewing the UFO, it started to get smaller as if moving away from them. Then within five seconds or so, it disappeared.

They went back inside their house, trying to assimilate what they had seen.  After about 20 minutes, they then decided to go into their backyard again.  There was apparently the same object again but now in the southern sky.  It had moved.  The look and behavior of the UFO was the same as the first time. They spent another ten minutes or so looking at it with their binoculars and finally tired of it and went back inside.

Jamie's Drawing of the Pulsating UFO