UFO Description: One witness sees an intermittently pulsating, white light and then two solid red ones. One red light zooms toward him and reveals it is a UFO as it shows its underside with 60 to 80 small red lights. It zooms back. The witness video'd the white light, but not the red ones.

Witness(es): Stan Clausen (pseudonym).

Time and Date: December 3, 2010, about 5:45 PM.

Duration: About 15 minutes or longer(?).

Place: St. Helens, Oregon.

Weather: Clear, visibility ten miles; wind out of E at 21.9 mph at surface; temperature 39º F.

Case Report: St. Helens Quick Close Encounter (long download).  Investigated by Keith Rowell, Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director.


Brief Narrative

Witness Stan Clausen (pseudonym) was at his home taking a cigarette break on the back porch. While there, he saw a slowly rising, intermittently pulsating, whitish/yellowish light move above a backyard tree. It reached an elevation of about 40 degrees above the horizon and stopped rising.  He was also aware of some aircraft traffic and some stars at the same time, so he knew this was a bit different.

He decided to video the light with his Kodak camera. He watched the pulsating light as he took just over two minutes of video and then stopped. He was excited and went back inside his house to show his dad. His dad wasn't much interested so he headed back out. He saw the intermittently pulsating light again but soon noticed two solid red lights approach the pulsating object at a very high rate of speed. He thought these were faster even than military jets in hot pursuit.

Suddenly, one red light peeled off and zoomed right toward him.  It ended up showing an oval-shaped underside with at least 60 to 80 small red lights in four "panels" as it swooped over him and then raced off to apparently rejoin the other red light and intermittently pulsating light. Stan believes the red UFO at its closest approach was perhaps 200 to 300 feet away from him.

Stan is sure he took video of the red lights but only the intermittently pulsating light video was on his Kodak camera's memory chip. Stan also says that his iPhone was oddly turned off after the brief close encounter. Investigation further determined his memories are a bit vague in the later part of his encounter.

Download the case report for the full story and to find out the "surprise" that showed up in his video of the intermittently pulsating UFO.

Stan's Drawing of the Underside of the Red UFO