UFO Description: In the daytime, two witnesses see a UFO buzz their truck and then stop and one witness takes 66 photos of the fast moving, spiky, reddish, small UFO as it recedes into the distance.

Witness(es): Randy Bell and his wife.

Time and Date: November 3, 2010, about 5:40 to 5:50 PM.

Duration: Total time of UFO observation about 5 minutes with 66 photos taken in one minute and 24 seconds.

Place: At SW River Road and SW Farmington, south of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Weather: Clear, visibility ten miles; wind out of E at 3.5 mph at surface; temperature 62.1º F.

Case Report: SW River Road Spiky Red UFO (long download). Investigated by Keith Rowell, Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director with much help from witness Randy Bell.


Brief Narrative

Randy and his wife were traveling in their truck to work in Hillsboro when Randy spotted a low-level (50 to 75 feet up), smallish, more or less globular-shaped UFO with very strange, obvious pyramidal spikes protruding from its grayish surface. The spikes were oddly lit up and even dazzlingly whitish/yellowish on their tips. The UFO was coming toward the truck and passed it on the driver's side at least 45 degrees off the horizon.

Randy stopped the truck as soon as he could, as it happened, at the Cruise In Country Diner parking lot at SW River Road and SW Farmington Road.  He and his wife got out and he immediately started taking photos with his Canon Rebel T1i and a long telephoto lens. Randy's wife saw the UFO at this time as it was moving away from them at around an average speed of 30 mph.  (See the full report for lots more details.)

Randy ran out of digital photo memory toward the end of the sighting but continued to watch the UFO through his telephoto lens. He saw the UFO stop for around three to four seconds and then descend behind some low trees in the far distance. It was now out of sight but he continued to watch for some more seconds and then saw it rise up and maneuver behind some larger trees. The UFO remained out of sight while Randy watched in vain for a few more minutes for it to reappear again.

The UFO traveled around 1.5 miles from when Randy first saw it. And it veered off slightly to his right as he saw it from the parking lot. It appeared above the distant ridge line for most of the time and then descended at the end to disappear and reappear in some trees about 1.75 miles from the parking lot.

Download the case report to find out the full particulars on this UFO sighting with lots of evidence and very good photos.

Randy's Photo of the Spiky Red UFO Toward the End of the Sighting