Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 28 January 2013

This case is a video example of a not infrequent occurrence in UFO investigation: UFO evidence showing up unexpectedly in a photo or video when there is no eyewitness account from the time the video or photo was taken. Oregon MUFON has received probably over ten such examples in the last five years. About half the cases were positively identified as ordinary things. And the others? What is that unwanted thing that shows up in photos/videos sometimes? Oh, yes, those pesky genuine UFOs.

UFO Description: Witness Allen Jefferson (pseudonym) was watching and video'ing a Cessna 152 practicing package drops in a field. Later, when he looked at the video, he was surprised to see two separate instances of a strange, UFO-like object speeding past the plane as it made a drop.

Witness(es): No eyewitnesses. Just video of a strange object near a low flying airplane.

Time and Date: Summer 2010; between 2 PM and 4 PM.

Duration: Total time of 16 seconds of video with around a second of the UFO(s).

Place: At Bruce Road and Highway 99W north of Monroe, Oregon.

Weather: Sunny; no rain.

Case Report: Bruce Road Video Only UFO. Investigated by Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director.


Brief Narrative

In the summer of 2010 between the hours of about 2 PM and 4 PM, Allen Jefferson (pseudonym) was standing in a field with his video camera at the ready. He was located at Bruce Road and Highway 99W just north of Monroe, OR, which is about 20 miles north of Eugene. He was watching a Cessna 152 make south to north runs over the field in order to practice dropping small packages out the window at a target.

The practice runs were helping the pilot prepare for similar operations in third world countries that needed medical supplies and food. As the airplane would make its practice runs, both Allen and one other person used the video functions in their digital cameras to video the runs.

There were seven people total involved in this exercise and Allen was one of them. There were two people taking video (Allen Jefferson was one), three people observing and recording impact information about the dropped packages, and two people in the Cessna—a pilot and a person dropping the packages. As was determined later, no one involved in the practice runs over the field saw or was aware of anything unusual involving possible UFOs at the time.

When Allen got home and reviewed the video of one of the passes, he saw what he thought was an anomalous small, dark object zoom past the airplane as it made its package drop. He thought about the somewhat odd-looking object (not obviously a bird or insect) and then hit on “UFO,” so he looked on the Internet and found his way to Oregon MUFON. He sent an email about his story and then offered the puzzling videos for analysis.

Oregon MUFON thanks Allen Jefferson for helping us on his case.  For the full story and why the puzzling objects are probably not bugs or birds or anything else ordinary, download the case report.

Crop of a Frame Showing UFO and Cessna