UFO Description: Witness Don Settle and his family were driving back home at night and saw a large, variously bright lighted and then dark craft with blue and red lights hovering and maneuvering around a busy intersection for around two minutes.

Witness(es): Don Settle, wife Tina, and son Gary (pseudonyms).

Time and Date: September 11, 2010, at about 10 PM and after.

Duration: About 2 minutes total.

Place: In Raleigh Hills area of Portland, Oregon, at SW Scholls Ferry Road and SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway intersection.

Weather: Clear sky, visibility 10 miles; wind: calm; temperature 55.9° F.

Case Report: Raleigh Hills Maneuvering UFO (long download). Investigated by Keith Rowell and OM Field Investigator Lisa Fox.


Brief Narrative

The Don Settle family (pseudonym) was approaching in their car the Raleigh Hills five-way intersection at SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, SW Scholls Ferry Road, and SW Oleson Road when Don spotted a prominent, large, bright white light in the sky. As they slowed down in a line of cars waiting for the light to change and then go slowly through the intersection, they clearly saw the bright white light turn into a structured craft-like object moving closer and hovering just north of the intersection. At its closest point, the UFO was around 900 feet from them.

As they crept along in traffic — were other people watching the UFO like them? — the UFO maneuvered in front of some trees and then moved up above the trees and even back and forth above the trees and then dropped back down. Tina, at one point, was sure the UFO would crash because she had the impression it was coming right toward them.

As they moved along, it kept dimming down and brightening. In its dim phase, it clearly showed a red/orange light on the left side of its horizontally oblong body with a blue light on the right side. As they neared and went through the intersection, the craft moved away swiftly to the north along SW Scholls Ferry Road and disappeared toward the west side of the Portland Hills.

Download the Oregon MUFON case report for the full particulars.  Oregon MUFON thanks Don Settle for doing his many excellent photo-illustrations found in the case report.

Don Settle's Photo-Illustration of the UFO Position Based on a Google Maps Image