Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 28 January 2013

UFO Description: A large display of golden spheres (100?) spiraled slowly vertically up and down in the setting sun on a showery day till obscured in the clouds.

Witness(es): Laura Fleming (pseudonym) and briefly two co-workers.

Time and Date: March 8, 2001, at about 5:30 PM PST.

Duration: About 10 minutes total duration.

Place: Outside a small West Linn, Oregon, strip mall near Walling Way and Highway 43.

Weather: Thick cumulus clouds with light rain earlier and then some clearing during the UFO sighting.

Case Report: West Linn Golden Spheres Display Case Report (long download).  Investigated by Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director, Oregon MUFON.


Brief Narrative

Laura Fleming (pseudonym) decided to take a break on a rainy day and noticing a dark, curious cloud outside her office, went outside. She quickly spotted a fantastic display of perhaps 100 glowing, golden spheres arranged in a more or less vertical shape. The spheres were actively moving up and down in the display, within which the golden spheres seemed to be weaving in and out in columns. The spheres could have been glowing gold from the very low sun angle at that time of day.

After viewing this for a few minutes and wracking her brain to figure out what she was seeing, she stepped back inside to get a couple of co-workers. Two came out, a man and a woman, and they looked at the display, but seemed not to register what they were seeing. Fleming expected them to be as fascinated as she was, but noted a curious lack of interest, almost as if they could not comprehend anything about what they were seeing.

The display faded into the clouds after ten minutes or so.

The following is Fleming's photo illustration of what she saw.

Photo Illustration of the UFO Display