Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 28 January 2013

In March 2011 at the regular Oregon MUFON meeting, Randy Bell, Director of the Portland UFO Network, a group dedicated to UFO skywatches and photography, made a special presentation of a sampling of his UFO photography and techniques.  We are releasing the Keynote presentation to the Internet public at this time.

Randy is one of those special people who have a kind of psychic connection with the UFO phenomenon. In August of 2007, he was "awakened" apparently by the phenomenon when he experienced a very close encounter (within a hundred feet or so) with a small UFO that maneuvered quite close to him and his wife as they were out for a walk in their neighborhood.

After this encounter, Randy started doing a lot of UFO photography. Sometimes, he will see and photograph UFOs, but most of the time he gets little psychic hunches or intuitions that the phenomenon might be in a certain area of the sky. Then he takes many photos in a short amount of time. In a UFO hunting session, he might take three or four hundred photos. He then downloads these to his computer at home and scans these visually and once in a while oddball UFO type things show up.

Oregon MUFON is happy to help Randy get his story out to a wider audience with this presentation (along with a detailed case report that we just put up recently). Note that the UFO photography in this presentation is only a sampling of the kinds of things that show up.

Remember, he sees some of these things, but many others he does not. Oregon MUFON has received a number of photo or video only UFO cases in the last five or so years we've been actively investigating. Ufology has yet to satisfactorily address the issue of why UFOs show up "unannounced" at times in photos and videos. Is it by accident? Is it "intentional" (on the part of the photographer's subconscious, perhaps, or on the part of the phenomenon's "consciousness")? So many questions. So few answers. That's ufology for you!

Here's a sampling of two slides in Randy's presentation.