Local, soon-to-be published UFO researcher/writer Jordan Hofer sent your Assistant State Director an email recently and he is looking for material for a second book. He wants to contact people who believe they have had genuine, on-going contact with the UFO phenomenon as deep experiencers or "alien abductees."  

When Jordan asked me last year, I was happy to offer comments on a draft of Jordan's soon-be-published Evolutionary Ufology. Jordan has used his training and expertise in anthropology and biology to theorize about what might be behind the UFO phenomenon. His is a decidedly different take on the possible origins of the UFO beings. Be sure to look for his book in the coming months.

Here is Jordan's email request to the Oregon MUFON public:

I am looking for people who have had alien abduction experiences in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. I would like to tell your story in a published book. I am a MUFON Research Specialist and author of the upcoming book Evolutionary Ufology. I have confidence that my current publisher, Schiffer Books, would be very interested in such a volume. Proposed title would be either Oregon Alien Abductions or Alien Abductions in the Pacific Northwest. Total anonymity is assured unless otherwise desired. Please contact me, Jordan Hofer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact Jordan if you are interested in having your UFO abduction experiences documented. We need more people like Jordan doing this valuable work of documentation and we need more people to come forward to tell their stories. The more this happens, the more UFOs and alien abduction will come out of the closet. When more and more UFO-involved people step forward, the various establishment powers in our society will find it more and more difficult to behave as if nothing is happening.