Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 08 July 2014

UFO researcher Jefferson Kincaid is once again holding his Portland July 4, 1947, UFO Sightings Celebration. This year the venue has changed to the Green Dragon Brew Pub and Bistro at 928 SE 9th Ave. in Portland. The Celebration will be held July 4, 2014, from 12 to 3 PM.

Come hear about Jefferson's latest UFO research into the very beginnings of public information about UFOs. In the last six years, he has worked diligently at the Oregon Historical Society to ferret out mostly newspaper UFO articles during the massive summer of 1947 wave of UFO sightings.  Jefferson has uncovered articles from many small town Oregon newspapers along with some Washington papers.  

This past year Jefferson spent three days in Chicago at various special university library collections such as the J. Allen Hynek collection at Northwestern University, from which Hynek retired as a Professor in Astronomy.  In the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, Hynek was the official U.S. Air Force consultant to Projects Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book, which studied the UFO problem.  After finishing with Project Blue Book after it closed thanks to the bogus conclusion of the official AF Condon Committee report, Hynek, who by that time  knew that UFOs constituted a genuine mystery, founded the Center for UFO Studies, which continues today to do research into the nature of UFOs.

Come help Oregon MUFON celebrate the beginning of UFOs with Jefferson Kincaid at his event.  We guarantee you will learn new and surprising facts about UFOs from the very beginning of the era of widespread public knowledge of the phenomenon.