Recently, a retired Eugene area pilot, Charles Vance (pseudonym), with commercial and instructor's licenses, emailed Oregon MUFON his detailed observations of at least four different anomalous objects in the night sky. He viewed these objects from just outside his house, and they appeared from 9/11/13 to 9/19/13 variously from 9 to 10:30 PM. Most observations were made with a Bushnell spotting scope on a tripod without vibration.

He wrote:

On 9/11, I noticed a very bright "star" at 9:15 PM at 20º NE (magnetic) and 19º above the horizon. The "star" was blinking at a set sequence like a rotating beacon with white, red, and green at a constant rate. At 10:30 PM, it had raised its position 15º higher.

On 9/12, "star" #1 was again observed at the same location, and there was an additional "star" (#2) rotating like a beacon at 15º NE of "star" #1 at 10 PM.

On 9/13, "star" #1 and #2 were observed the same as the previous night when a third "star" (#3) rotating like a beacon appeared at 15º NE of "star" #2 at 10 PM.

Some cloudy nights intervened and then on 9/16, "stars" #1 and #2 appeared in the same location as "star" #3 at 10 PM.

On 9/17, "stars" #1, #2, and #3 appeared at 10 PM in a similar configuration as on 9/13.

On 9/18, "stars" #1, #2, #3, plus a fourth "star" appeared 15º NE of #3. All four were evenly spaced in a gradual arc accross the sky. "Star" #1 was the brightest of the four probably due to atmospheric lensing.

On 9/19, "star" #1 was the lone anomalous object and was much brighter than ever before.

These objects/beacons were not aircraft. Some were seen crossing the sky but were not as bright as before.

In a later email, Charles said,

[that he believed he had seen some triangular UFOs similar to the ones from Belgium in the late 1980s and earlier 1990s] except the lights were white, red, and blue/green [at the corners]. I did not see the same angle as the [witness to the famous] Belgium [photo did] but rather [my UFOs were] angled [so that I was looking about] 5º [from] above the object [,that is,] looking down on it. I did not see the mass in between the lights that were spinning/rotating, but saw the glow going about half speed of a helicopter main rotor blade 400RPM +/-.

When I first saw [the first "star"] on 9/11, I could clearly see color changing with my naked eye, and I called my wife out to see it also. She saw a definite flashing, but did not see the colors.

I was very curious and got out my 60 power spotting scope. I braced it against a 4x4 post, and was amazed at what I saw. The object was moving around in very tight circles all within my field of view. I thought about what I saw and decided to put the scope on a tripod and observe without heart beat and hand shake.

Last night at 10:10 PM, we had clear skies, and I again saw four similar objects as described on 9/18 with the fourth object being 10º above the gentle arc.

One thing that really puzzles me is that commercial and military aircraft [fly] in north/south airways along the same general gentle arc. Their view of this would have to be startling [I would think].

'I know what I saw' and am still amazed.

I asked Charles to do some illustrations of what he saw and he graciously sent the following illustrations.  Oregon MUFON thanks Charles for taking the time to tell us about his UFO sightings.


Anomalous Objects Charles Saw Through Spotting Scope