Written by Keith Rowell
Last Updated: 20 January 2013

The UFO has been avoided and abandoned by mainstream, elite culture, and this fact has profound consequences for a proper understand of the subject. If the mainstream, elite culture (consisting of the military, business, academic, religious establishments, etc.) actually engaged the UFO like it does most other aspects of human experience, then there would be no need for Oregon MUFON. Ufology would be the province of the academic establishment and the military establishment, and citizens would consult them whenever they had questions about the subject. This, as we all come to know sooner or later, is not the case.

Thus, it is very important for seekers of reliable knowledge about the UFO to understand the sources of UFO information in our culture. When the normal sources of accurate, reliable information about subjects are not available, then you are on your own. If you look into the subject, you soon learn that the UFO has been relegated to the care of a small segment of the overall society. The research-oriented part of this small segment has been very busy over the last 60 years and has developed some good, solid information about UFOs. But at the same time, many other segments of the UFO subculture have been busy, too, and they have developed a lot of misinformation and even disinformation (the intelligence establishment part of our government).

We, at Oregon MUFON, will help you sort this all out. Here is our understanding of the major players in the UFO subculture, and what material contribution, if any, they may have made.

UFO information comes from these main sources: