Oregon MUFON has filled out the schedule for the 2017 McMenamins/Oregon MUFON Paranormal Pub events. We will have more information as these dates approach, but in the meantime you can explore the speakers' websites to find out what is ahead. Paranormal Pubs are presented on the last Sunday of each month and doors open at 6 PM.  The programs start at 7 PM and go to 9 PM. Check out the McMenamins website for the Mission Theater Paranormal Pub events or search on Facebook for "McMenamins Paranormal Pub" in the upcoming months for more information. 

January 29. William Becker on psychic ghost exploration. Paranormal Insights.

February 19. Tanya March on local Portland area ghost stories. Tanya March.

March 26.  Ankhasha Amenti on psychic readings. Ankhasha.

April 30. Nancy Myers on the orbs phenomenon. The Orb Connection.

May 28. Janet Colli on transpersonal psychology. Sacred Encounters.

June 25. Susanna Morrill on how scholars study "new age" culture. Susanna Morrill.

July 30.  Aleta DeBee and Allison Travis on UFO abductee support group information and experiences. Washington State Experiencer Support Group, Portland-Vancouver.

August 28. Katie Jordan on the history and use of the Ouija board. Katie Montana Jordan.

September 24.  James and Joanne Clarkson on investigating and reporting UFOs and alien encounters. Washington MUFON web page.

October 29. Travel psychologist Michael Brein on spooky travel tales. The Travel Psychologist.

November 26. To be announced: Skype session or DVD.

December. No program.

Mark your calendars and come get a taste of what some of your fellow human beings are experiencing, thinking about, and studying.  And enjoy a McMenamins beverage and pizza to boot.  What could be better!?

Oregon MUFON strives to find knowledgeable speakers on topics that should be addressed and studied by our academic establishment but are too often not. We believe that it is vital that the academic establishment study long-term and systematically the entire range of paranormal topics, so that we can all begin to appreciate all of human experience. When important societal institutions choose to ignore important parts of the entire range of human experience and the world around us, we all suffer.

Today, the science of near death experience, for example, is beginning to change our ideas about what human beings, human consciousness, and the reality around us may actually consist of.  UFOs also seem to change long held ideas about reality, too, when they are studied in depth and that is how Oregon MUFON came to sponsor McMenamins Paranormal Pubs.

Join us at a Paranormal Pub event coming your way soon!

McMenamins Paranormal Pubs are a collaboration between McMenamins and Oregon MUFON.