For our November 2009 OM meeting, Tom Bowden, Oregon MUFON State Director, presented Budd Hopkins' negative review of the currently showing horror movie: The Fourth Kind.

Essentially, this is more shameless exploitation of the hard work of the ufologists. Nothing new here from the entertainment industry. Tom also clarified the Vallee UFO classification scheme.

Keith Rowell, Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director, then gave the main presentation about Abduction, Hypnosis, and Reality. This was presented previously to the June 14, 2008, meeting of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association.

A brief history of abductions was discussed concentrating on the archetypal abduction: The Betty and Barney Hill case. A brief history of hypnosis and how it is used in abduction research along with the FMS controversy followed next. Notions of reality and why they are forced upon ufologists was also presented with transpersonal psychology being recommended as the best explanatory scheme academics have today to begin to explain UFO and abduction phenomena. Download the presentation (long download).