Doug Helbling, Oregon MUFON Field Investigator, presented a talk on the UFOCAT database at the February 2013 meeting of Oregon MUFON. The UFOCAT database had its start with the 3000 cases collected by ufologist Jacques Vallee. He gave his cases to David Saunders, who at the time was a co-principal investigator for the infamous University of Colorado UFO Project. The database was intended for the scientific examination of cases that the UFO Project was charged to do. However, things went awry with the Project.  

UFOCAT and the Infamous Condon Committee UFO Project

Saunders was fired after he helped make the notorious "trick" memo of Project Administrator Robert J. Low available to the public. The "trick" memo made it clear from the beginning that the UFO Project was to be a fake scientific evaluation of the UFO evidence, which it lived up to after a near mutiny by all the scientific investigators involved. From the beginning, the Project administrators intended the UFO Project to be essentially a public relations effort aimed at keeping the public and the academic establishment itself ignorant of UFO reality.

Read the Summary and Conclusions written solely by debunker Edward U. Condon, head of the Project, and then read the descriptions of the actual UFO cases included in the Project. There is a big mismatch! Did Condon even read through the majority of the UFO case studies? Apparently not! (Condon actually delivered debunking UFO speeches in public before the Project was concluded!)


UFOCAT was eventually handed over to J. Allen Hynek's Center for UFO Studies where Fred Merritt added new cases. From 1980 to 1990 not much was done to add new cases, but then in 1990, Donald A. Johnson took up UFOCAT again, added new cases, and converted it to an easily accessible UFO database for the public.

Today you can buy a copy of UFOCAT on a CD-ROM from the Center for UFO Studies and run its Microsoft Access formatted and organized data on your PC. Be your own UFO investigator of historical cases and get a copy of UFOCAT today. It contains over 200,000 cases from 700 sources! When the establishment elites fail in their duties, the public must do the work for them.  Download Doug's presentation to get started with UFOCAT.