UFO Description: A father, son, and neighbor saw various parts of two separate events on two separate nights. One event involved a close encounter at night with a well-lit, saucer-shaped object. A second event involved two of the witnesses seeing a reddish, basketball-sized object maneuvering down their street with all three witnesses seeing a golden disk-shaped object streak by in the sky at the end of the event.

Witness(es): Three witnesses:  Charles Bradley, nine-year-old son Carl, and neighbor Britney Woolsey (all pseudonyms).

Time and Date: Sighting #1: 8/18/11, 9 PM; Sighting #2: 8/26/11, 12:00 AM.

Duration: Up to five minutes for Sighting #1; around fifteen or more minutes total for Sighting #2 including the end of the sighting when a third witness, Britney, came home, joined them, and then saw the yellow streaking object to end the sighting events..

Place: Sublimity, Oregon.

Weather: Sighting #1: 69.1º F; visibility 10 miles; wind from NNW at 8.1 mph; with clear conditions. Sighting #2: 66.0º F; visibility 10 miles; wind calm; with clear conditions.

Case Report: Sublimity Close Encounters. Investigated by Jason Ingraham, OM Field Investigator, and Keith Rowell, OM Assistant State Director.


Brief Narrative

This case report is a combination of two sightings happening at the same place a week apart to the same person and his family and a neighbor, so we decided to treat them in the same report. An interesting additional feature of this story is in the second sighting the possible "communication" of UFO propulsion knowledge from the UFO to the principal witness, Charles Bradley (pseudonym).

Sighting #1

The first sighting occurred just to Charles Bradley (pseudonym) when he was outside at night watering his lawn. He happened to look down the street in front of his house off to the east. He saw a far off, lighted, saucer-shaped object anywhere from about half a mile to a couple of miles away. The object bore bright yellow lights on the perimeter and blue and red lights below those. The object maneuvered around a bit and then moved off to the right (south), out of sight, obscured by neighborhood trees.  Then a few minutes later an orb-type UFO came over his head from the direction that the original UFO had disappeared in. The orb stopped and hovered behind the across-the-street neighbors' houses, apparently over a field Charles knew to be behind the homes. It then disappeared.

Sighting #2

A week after Sighting #1, Charles was out in front of his house again, this time with his son, Carl (pseudonym).  They both experienced all the following events:

  • A loud firecracker like report and a simultaneous brilliant lighting up of the immediate neighborhood, which lasted a number of seconds.
  • A strange beachball-sized, spheroid object appeared suddenly at the same time as the loud report. The object had a brilliant red interior with outer glowing blue and green illumination.  The red interior moved very actively around inside a clear globe part.
  • The object moved at a fast jogging pace from west to east about 100 feet down the middle of their street about four feet off the ground. It was as close as around ten feet from them when it first appeared.
  • As the object moved along, it slowly descended. At the point where it was over the top of a manhole cover, it seemed to hit the manhole cover and sparked and exploded with a loud sound just like when it first appeared. It disappeared with the apparent explosion.

Charles (alone) felt during the sighting that he somehow knew how this spheroid type UFO was propelling itself mysteriously down the street above the road. It had something to do with electricity, magnetism, and our own power lines and power grid.

Immediately after this was over, Charles' next door neighbor, Britney (pseudonym), drove up to her house and came over to see why they were out at midnight. A few minutes later, all three saw a golden streaking object moving in the sky over them. Additionally, Carl, who was standing behind Charles and Britney, saw a more craft-like, darker UFO directly overhead that Charles and Britney did not see.

For all the details and some analysis, download the OM case study.

Charles Bradley's Sighting #2 Drawing


Nine-year-old Carl's Rendition of the Sighting #2 UFO